V3 Bristlebots

Bristlebots made for performance

Its been over 8 years since we began developing our first Bristlebots kit. It is now 2017 and we are proud to launch our best original Bristlebots kit. Our new V.3 kits were made for durability, speed, and easier assembly for new advanced discoveries. 

Faster, Stronger, and still Fun!

No more hot messy soldering. Attaching the motors to a Bristlebot is easier than ever with our new motor module. The motor is designed to be attached underneath the robot for a low center of gravity for a better balance. Its also gotten easier to power a bristlebot with AAA batteries our hassle free battery holder module.

Comes with everything you need to make a Bristlebot

Each kit comes with standard material to decorate and make a Bristlebot, however, you are not limited to the materials included we recommend you add your own ideas and material to personalize your robot. For ideas visit our resources page.

"Batteries included"

Each kit comes with a standard AAA battery and battery holder to easily mount on the battery holder. The battery can be attached in any orientation and depending on the polarity the motor will spin either clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Our Newly Designed Brushes

What is it that makes a Bristlebot fly across the tabletop? That makes a Bristlebot race faster than its opponents and electrifies the students that built them? It comes to their creative designs really. The slanted brushes will help propel the robot forward, and a reduced amount of bristles help it glide easier across the tabletop. The brushes are custom made to fit our motor modules.

The world is better in color

Our newly designed brushes come in 7 colors, orange, yellow, cyan, green, pink, red, and white. Each bristlebots kit comes with one of these colors.

Zip Lock Packaging

Each Bristlebot kits are individually packaged and ready to go. Our new packaging is ideal for distributing robots at event, functions, and retailing. It also includes a re-sealable zip at the top to store your robot and parts after use.

What's inside

Each bristlebots kit includes the following: (1) instructional package, (1) custom toothbrush head, (1) PCBA Motor Board, (1) AAA battery, (2) GluDots, (3) small rubber bands, (1) chenille stem, (2) wiggle eyes.

How to build animation

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