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Space Bristlebots Kit

In collaboration with Yukai Engineering, a distinguished robotics engineering firm in Japan, we are proud to present Space Bristlebots. Space Bristlebots is a robot that advances forward using the same vibrating brush concept of a bristlebot. In addition, Space BB has the capability to connect via bluetooth to navigate the robot using your smartphone.


What's Included

Each Space Bristlebot kits comes with the necessary parts to assemble your own Space Bristlebot for you to explore the endless possibilities of robots and your imagination!

Each individually packaged kit comes with the following parts:

(1) Space ship module, (1) Bluetooth module,  (2) Custom brushes, (2) AAA batteries, (4) double-sided tape, (1) Instruction guide.

It's still a Bristlebot!

Attach the custom brushes, identical ones used in our original Bristlebot kits, to the bottom of the space ship module, The slanted brushes propels the robot forward to chart unexplored territory. A pair of brush colors are randomly included in your kit. Slight variations of the brushes may cause different results in the movement of the robot. 

Power the reactors

To power the robot, insert the two AAA batteries included in the kit. You can also customize your ship by decorating with additional craft items.

Additional craft items are not included in the kit, common items used includes, but not limited, color construction paper, felt paper, chenille stems, and more.

To infinity and beyond

Using the switch located on the back end of the space ship module, with between "stand-alone" mode and "Konashi-drive" mode. The "stand-alone" mode allows will power the motors at 100% to propel the robot forward to infinity and beyond (as long as the batteries last).

To control the robot using the app switch to "Konashi-drive" mode and follow the instructions included in the kit to successfully pair your robot with your smartphone.

Bristlebots just got smart

The Space Bristlebot are made to be compatible with Koshian, a powerful computing toolkit for iOS devices. Connect your smartphone with the  robot via Bluetooth by installing our free iOS application.

Connect your ship's main computer

Koshian allows you to effortless add bluetooth capability to the Space Bristlebot. You can use the custom Space Bristlebot app to connect the robot or use the Koshian app to make personalized coding. The robot is designed to easily attach the bluetooth module to get you started immediately.



How to attach/remove Koshian

When attaching, carefully align the pins and gently apply pressure from the top. When removing, only apply pressure to the long-edge of the module. Gently peel the module off by using  the long-edge as its pivot point. Pins may become permanently damaged if you lift the module from the short-edge.

Grab control

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 16.14.08.png

Download the free "Space Bristlebots" app available on the App Store to your iOS devices to connect with the Koshian module. Select various pre-installed programs to get started right away! New programs are added by Yukai Engineering for innovative and creative new ways to enjoy the robot.

Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 0.05.58.png
Space Bristlebots App Control

Space Bristlebots App Control

Watch Now

Advanced Programming

Space Bristlebots Sensors

Space Bristlebots Sensors

Watch Now

Simple Light Sensor Program

Our advanced users has found ways to add light sensors and switch sensors to make the Space Bristlebots smarter. The sensors (not included in the kits) can be attached to control the motors propelling the robot. 

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