Space Bristlebots

A Bristlebot to explore new frontiers

In collaboration with Yukai Engineering, a distinguished engineering firm in Japan specializing in developing robotics solutions, we are proud to present Space Bristlebots. Space Bristlebots is a robot that advances forward using the same vibrating brush concept of a bristlebot.  In addition Space BB has the capability to connect via bluetooth to navigate the robot via an iOS app.

Explore the Unexplored

Assemble your own space ship to explore the endless possibilities of robots and your imagination!

Warp to innovation

The kits come with materials to get you started right away. Each individually packaged kit comes with the following: (1) Space Ship Module, (2) custom brushes, (2) AAA battery, (4) double-sided tape, (1) Instruction Guide
Additional craft items, not included in the kits, are recommended to personalize the robot. 

"Batteries included"

Each kit comes with a standard AAA batteries to attach in the battery holder. Batteries must be placed in the indicated orientation to prevent damage to the robot.
Attach the batteries to power your robot to begin exploring.

It's still a Bristlebot

Attach the custom brushes, identical ones used in our original bristlebot kits, to the bottom of the space ship module. The slanted brushes propels the robot forward to chart unexplored territory. A pair of brush colors are randomly selected.

"Power the reactors"

Assemble to robot, attach the included AAA batteries, switch to "stand-alone" mode and the robot is ready to explore. Customize your ship by decorating with additional craft items.

Zip Lock Packaging

Each Bristlebot kits are individually packaged and ready to go. Our new packaging is ideal for distributing robots at event, functions, and retailing. It also includes a re-sealable zip at the top to store your robot and parts after use.

To infinity and beyond 

The standalone mode Space Bristlebot, without any sensors or bluetooth module, will travel forward for "infinity and beyond." 

Bristlebots just got smart

The Space BB are made to be compatible with Koshian, a powerful computing toolkit for iOS devices. Connect your robot using bluetooth to control using one of our pre-loaded programs from the Space Bristlebot iOS app.

Connect your ship's main computer


A bluetooth module that effortlessly connects to the Konashi iOS application for I/O switching. The Koshian module easily attaches to the Space BB board to get you started immediately.

How to attach/remove Koshian



When attaching, carefully align the pins and slowly apply pressure from the top.

**When removing, only apply pressure to the long-edge of the module. Gently “peel” the module off by using the long-edge as its pivot point (fulcrum). Pins may become permanently damaged if you lift the module from the short-edge. 

Grab the Controls

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 16.14.08.png

Currently Undergoing Updates and Translations

Download the FREE "Space Bristlebots" app available on the app store to your iOS devices to connect with the Space BB's Koshian module. Select various pre installed programs to get started right away! Programs are added by us and the community for innovative and creative new ways to enjoy the robot. 

Add sensors to your ship

Adding sensors has never been easier with the Grove Sensor Board Attachment (coming soon)

Grove Sensor Board

coming soon

Grove Sensors

sold separately

You can add your own sensors directly to the pins on top of our Space BB but we made it even easier with our Grove Sensor Board. Connect with Konashi/Koshian to control the sensors.

**When connecting/removing the Grove Sensor Board, be careful not to bend the pins as it may damage the module.

You can easily attach puzzle-type sensors produced by seeed studio that is compatible with our Grove Sensor Board. Use the Grove connector to attach the sensors to your original robot. You can add sensors like light, sound, ultrasonic, touch, and more to make your robot sense the world around it.

Simple Sensor Idea

We added two Grove Infrared/Light Sensors and created a two-step simple line/light follower program. The robot detects the difference in the light reflection to control the motor output to move along the black line or follow the light.

Great for teaching

The Space BB Kit is a great tool to teach the fundamental concept of robotics and programming. The kit demonstrates that a simple toothbrush vibrating robot can evolve into a more complex system by applying new ideas learned in the classroom.