Bristlebots for events

Bristlebots are used by NASA, YMCA, US Military, and various educational programs across the nation. Programs can simply use our Bristlebot kits and online resources to host their own Bristlebot event or use Bristlebots to supplement their programs.

Working with the local HS robotics programs, Bristlebot are used to engage our community directly. Bristlebots are used to demonstrate that S.T.E.M. and Robotics education can be fun and easy. The Kalani High School robotics program routinely performs demonstrations at schools, community centers, shopping centers, science fairs, museums, and more! 

In the community

Bristlebots for a smarter community.

Bristlebots has been used in all levels of education from K-12 and higher education to promote S.T.E.M.  (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and robotics education both in and out of the classrooms. Bristlebots is an easy and cost effective introduction to these fields of study. Bristlebots acts as a crucial hook to introduce critical thinking and ingenuity to solve real work problems in the future. 


Bristlebots for a brighter future

Imaginebots LLC believes that every young mind has the ability to make a  big difference for a better world given the right opportunity. Working with local Rotary and Lions Clubs we donate bristlebots to kids all around the world like Africa, Morocco, Tanzania.