A new way to enjoy robotics education.

Bristlebots are simple micro robot using a conventional tooth-brush head and micro motors. Bristlebot kits were developed to be used as an affordable and accessible educational tool to quickly engage young students in a S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and robotics activity.


How the robot works

Bristlebots is a simple to assemble robot where motion is caused by the transfer of kinetic energy from the motor, vibration through the robot to the ground. The bristles rapid motion, from the vibration, enables the robots locomotion.

Simply Robots

The chances are you are next to a dozen robots right now. Your computer or smartphone you are on right now, the fire alarm above your head, the elevator you used are all examples of every day robots that assist you in real life. Bristlebots are introductory level robots assembled using everyday household items.

Origins of Bristlebots

Bristlebots were a popular D.I.Y. (Do-it-Yourself) activity for hobbiest and educators. We made making Bristlebots easier by creating kits that contain all the material necessary to build the robot. We also made it safer by making a kit that does not include the need to use a soldering iron.

Bristlebots in Schools

Bristlebots are used in classrooms to demonstrate S.T.E.M. and education involving robots is for everyone!  A great tool to introduce S.T.E.M. and robotics activity in the classroom.

Bristlebots in the Community

Bristlebots are found across the nation at S.T.E.M. Outreach programs, robotics summer camps, and various other events. We are proud for providing Bristlebot Kits to the YMCA, US Military, and NASA Camps.